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4 Ways to Avoid Medical Bankruptcy

When you ask many people what situations they dread the most, bankruptcies and medical emergencies may be among the first few things they mention. What is particularly troubling is how often these two mishaps occur together. With the issue of healthcare coverage dominating political discourse in recent years, many Americans feel uncertain about the future of their health insurance and their finances. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for the unexpected, and when the unexpected happens, to ensure it doesn’t lead to a financial catastrophe. Medical expenses are a major cause of financial insolvency. A 2007 study from the...

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How to Avoid Unnecessary ATM Fees

In 2016, ATM fees reached a record high for the 10th year in a row, according to, adding up to more than $6 billion in bank profits. Out-of-network ATM fees now average $4.57 per transaction, just to access your own money. While there are increasing calls for regulations to limit the fees associated with these transactions, here are just a few ways to avoid paying ATM fees at all: Put yourself on a cash budget. When you deposit your paycheck, take enough cash back out of the check at the bank to cover your needs. Monitor your cash...

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Should Investors Put Bitcoin In Their Portfolio?

In the world of finance, there has been a great deal of talk and speculation surrounding bitcoin. There seem to be two sides of the argument. One side claims that bitcoin is merely just lines of code on the computer used by drug dealers on the deep web. Unlike traditional assets such as stock or gold, bitcoin does not have a physical and tangible value, which makes potential investors feel uneasy. The other side claims that bitcoin is the future of currency. Unlike fiat currency in which governments can simply print more money, there is a limited supply of...

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Can Pet Allergy Sufferers Improve Their Home’s Air Quality While Still Owning Pets?

Air quality is an important consideration for many pet owners. This is especially true when a member of the household suffers from pet allergies. Pet dander allergies in particular leave some people feeling like they have no other option than to either suffer through their allergies or remove their pets from the home. Fortunately, this isn’t always necessary as there are several ways for pet owners to improve the quality of their home’s air, while still enjoying the company of their pets. One of the most effective ways to improve indoor air quality without having to give up your...

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Making Your Dog’s Coat Shine: Are Raw Eggs Safe to Feed Your Dog?

Many dog owners swear that adding raw eggs to their dogís diet helps to keep their dogís coat looking shinier. Though everyone has heard the warnings against people eating raw eggs due to the increased chances of contracting Salmonella poisoning, many dog owners are unsure of whether these same warnings apply to dogs. Well, the truth is, there is much debate on both sides of the matter. Some people claim that raw eggs are dangerous because they may contain Salmonella bacteria which can lead to Salmonella poisoning in dogs, just like in humans. Other people say raw eggs are...

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