Slow cookers are all the rage nowadays, but even though you might know people who cook with them regularly, you might have never thought about actually buying one yourself. If you don’t own at least one slow cooker, you’re really missing out. These are five reasons to invest in this simple kitchen appliance.


1. They’re Affordable

Unlike some kitchen appliances, slow cookers are generally quite affordable. Of course, some of the higher-end slow cookers with tons of features — such as the ones that you can actually control from your smartphone when you’re away from home — are a little more costly. You can generally buy a basic model at a retail store without spending a lot of money.


2. They Don’t Take Up a Lot of Space

If you’re like many people, you might already have a ton of small appliances and kitchen gadgets taking up a lot of space in your cabinets and on your counters. However, unless you buy a really big model, slow cookers don’t take up a ton of space. They’re actually a great option for smaller kitchens.


3. They Can Be Very Convenient

Perhaps the main reason to consider buying a slow cooker is the fact that they can be very convenient. Having a meal that is ready and waiting for you when you return home after a long day can be a wonderful thing. These appliances can be a great help for those who have hungry kids to feed or who work busy schedules and don’t really have much time for cooking.


4. They’ll Help You Make Delicious Meals

A slow cooker isn’t just convenient; it can also be used to create really delicious meals. They’re great for preparing tougher cuts of meat since the low and slow cooking method helps make tough meats much more tender. They’re also great for soups, stews and chili recipes since the food has plenty of time to develop a great flavor while it’s cooking.


5. They’re Easy to Use

Some cooking appliances can be tricky to figure out and might take a lot of practice. Slow cookers are typically quite easy to figure out, and you should be cooking in your new appliance in no time.


As you can see, a slow cooker is a great investment for many home cooks. For these reasons and more, you may want to think about adding a slow cooker to your collection of small kitchen appliances!