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Ever since running for class president in the fifth grade, Andrea Zeydelis knew she would always be involved in local government, addressing the needs of the people and working towards solutions.

Originally from Staten Island, Andrea has been involved in public administration and non-profit work, been involved in a race for State Assembly and has a volunteered with The Seton Ford for Children with Downs Syndrome Association, all while in New York.

When Andrea and her husband and two children first moved into Denville in 2014, where they fell in love with Morris County, most especially the nature aspects of the area where she and her family reside.

Currently, Andrea is a grant coordinator at a large home healthcare agency in Morristown, where she creates programs and proposals to assist seniors and individuals with disabilities. As a member of the Sunrise Rotary Club of Denville, Andrea is involved in her local community and puts service over self. She is also the Chair of the Denville Democratic Committee and prides herself in bringing a new voice to Denville.

Andrea was kind enough to meet with The Pulse of Denville to discuss her campaign for Mayor of Denville.

Andrea, why are you running for Mayor?

Well, I feel that Denville is the shining star of Morris County. Every time I meet a new neighbor, I am amazed at their background. I feel that we need to listen to our very knowledgeable residents. I want to be that unifying force and that catalyst for change in accountability and transparency in local government. The residents of Denville have so much to say and I think we should listen. I want to make sure that everyone in town is heard and give residents an opportunity to help solve some of the issues facing our community. We can do this by utilizing research and statistics and using the best practices available.

For instance?

Modernization of municipal processes, updating the way we do business for convenience and for cost reduction, enhancing the dissemination of information (so the information can get to the public in a timely manner), promoting town events and programs to create community inclusion, and, if need be, fundraise. There is so much that we can do as a community and Denville has the talent and the volunteers to achieve success. I want to give our businesses the tools they need to succeed, and help BID (Business Improvement District) stay ahead of the curve of any new legislation that may impact our business district. I want to help implement upgrades to our infrastructure and the environment to meet the future demands of our community. We need a plan for the future that includes smart growth, and water, electric and sewer demands. We need to review our flood mitigation strategies and ensure they are properly protecting our town. I look at Denville and see endless possibilities.

You’re joining a small field of candidates for the upcoming bid for Mayor of Denville. What are your thoughts on a multi-party election?

I think it’s great. It’s the mark of a healthy democracy that there are multiple candidates running for office, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Three candidates offer the residents of Denville the opportunity to educate themselves on different aspects of the town’s governance.

In the past, there has been a lot of one-party rule. Presently, I feel a lot of residents don’t have the resources they need and aren’t being listened to or heard. I encourage everyone to get out and vote.

What about the future? What changes will you make if you become Mayor?

I will be available to the residents. I will offer accountability, full disclosure, and transparency, make sure that everyone is heard and educate the public to help achieve the best solutions to the town’s problems. Furthermore, I want to create an Office of Business Economic Development, as an answer to our defunct Chamber of Commerce, where we welcome entrepreneurs into town, by helping promote the business district and get the word out. I will also emphasize community inclusion, fiscal responsibility, strategic planning, and being more civic-minded overall.

What are some achievements and accomplishments of the Denville Democratic Committee?

Our committee of twenty individuals has raised more money than ever before. We have done fundraising for town events, promoted town functions, held open meetings to discuss issues facing the town, and seen an increase in civic engagement and volunteerism.

Much like The Joey Bella Foundation as an example, Denville residents care for one another and lift each other up in times of need.

Andrea, what message do you have for the residents of Denville, and why should they vote for you in the upcoming election?

I have a unique perspective, having experience outside of Denville. I can see this town objectively, and I want to elevate our town in many ways.

I want to promote more cultural and artistic diversity, and expand our partnerships with other municipalities, and even with JCP&L and NJ Transit.

I want to help small businesses, and help the town think more outside the proverbial box. For example, having an open mind that if something works in Iowa, it may work here. Think globally, act locally.

It’s not just about being a great volunteer. It’s about seeing the trends, understanding the wave of the future, and setting Denville on the course for success.


Andrea Zeydelis running mates for Town Council are Nathan Gould, Linda Humphries, and James Putnam.


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