Hi, my name is Corinne Marie Sellitto. I’m a caring realtor, an amateur baker, and a loving parent to three young children. Being a devoted wife and mother and having two full-time careers has been challenging at times, and I know working moms can relate. Plus, I’ve always strived to do my best at anything I do. This drive has shaped my success as a female entrepreneur, which is my true passion.

In 2012, when I started my career as a realtor, I quickly learned that to be successful, I needed to be an industry expert, I needed to add value that differentiates me from other realtors, and most importantly, I needed to become a great marketer. These three factors are essential to success and can be applied across any industry.

I have become an expert at connecting with people. I’ve built relationships that help develop my network, which is filled with clients and referrals with whom I stay in contact communication. Some of my clients have also become great friends. Being a realtor for me is all about building lasting relationships, and providing a unique homeownership experience. I’ve always had a desire to be a realtor, and I’ve found that as I’ve started my career, the thrill of connecting people with their dream home is what I’ve enjoyed the most. It has been this passion that fuels my entrepreneurial drive.

I also learned that I would not have the necessary time to dedicate to marketing my real estate business, so I explored hiring marketing agencies that would be able to support me. However, no agency was able to provide assistance, and none of them were effective at building my brand. Hiring a marketing agency was expensive, and ultimately did not free up as much time as I had planned. So, what I really needed was a cost-effective, seamless solution for all of my marketing goals.

So, what would any true entrepreneur do? Start a marketing business to fill that need! I co-founded SabinoMedia, a full-service marketing agency. In today’s digital environment, the creative aspect is the main variable to consider, which is why we focus on creative media that tells your story. Media is the means of communication that reaches and influences people. Our unique “3-D’s” method – Discover, Develop, and Deliver – is our process to success. We reach more people and leave a lasting impression that influences buying decisions. We make your brand dominate the space. We help you to Discover your brand, Develop a strategy, and Deliver Results.

My husband, Sabino, is a successful marketing practitioner and brand strategist with over a decade of industry experience. As my right-hand man and co-founder, he supports my businesses with strategic operations and a clear brand strategy. Sabino and I have taken this idea and transformed it into a fully operational business. We are providing many other businesses with the solutions necessary to build lasting brands.

Your story is your truth! Let SabinoMedia help you tell yours! Power. Your. Brand.

https://sabinomedia.com    info@SabinoMedia.c

Corinne Marie Sellitto, Denville Realtor by Eric Focht, The Pulse USA

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