Saturday, September 17th was one of the best days on the Calendar for The Denville Rotary Club and their sister Club, The Denville Sunrise Club. It was “Dictionary Day” for all of the third graders in the Denville School System. Third grade is an age where children can really expand language and vocabulary, as well as improve their reading and writing skills, all with the aid of a dictionary.

“Dictionary Day” has been a fun project loved by the Faculty and kids! For the past 19 years, the Rotary Clubs have handed out dictionaries to every third grader in town. To date, they have distributed over 4,100 dictionaries.

The first picture is of Riverview Schools’ third graders behind Rotarian George Hrobuchak, kneeling in front.

The second picture is of third graders at Lakeview School. Many Rotarians from the Denville Lunch and Sunrise Clubs were there to support the project.