Leaving the salon with a pit in your stomach and tears in your eyes is always tough to handle. It’s easy to only think of how long it will take to grow back your long hair and to kick yourself for ever thinking a new style might be a good idea. Once you’re over the initial shock, though, there’s plenty to love about a shorter new ‘do. Cry if you must, browse wig shops online, then consider these five tips.


Styling is your friend. Lots of hairdressers will blow short dry hair, so it’s full, fluffy, and distinctly soccer-mom-like. It’s up to you to make it your own. A little bit of flat-ironing can go a long way in calming overly coiffed hair. Vintage-style waves are also hot — wrap sections of hair around a slim curling iron, hold for ten seconds or so, then brush out the curls with your fingers for a soft, romantic look. Run a dollop of curling mousse through damp hair and air dry for an effortless natural style. You can experiment with parting your hair in different ways, or sweeping it all forward. With short hair, small tweaks can make a big difference.


Accessorize! Short hair is perfect for showing off your style. Colorful vintage scarves and bandanas can be used as headbands — wear your bangs in front of the fabric and tousle the back for a chic, earthy look. Hair flowers and rhinestone clips can be whimsical finishes for casual outfits or add drama and flair to formal looks when an updo is no longer feasible. Short hair also lets big earrings take center stage.

Haircuts / Coloring

Short hair might need more frequent haircuts, but you can also go for more frequent color. Always wanted to rock a bright red, bleach blonde, or hot pink hue? Highlights and bold chunking can be tried on with relatively little risk. Not only will color grow out quickly, but those trims every four to six weeks will save your hair from damage.

What Do Men like?

Remember that length itself isn’t sexy. Healthy hair is happy hair. Some even swear their hair grows longer with regular trims, as the ends aren’t breaking off all the time. Many women cling to long, scraggly tresses for years, terrified that getting rid of those fried strands will ruin their looks, but a mass of split ends doesn’t do anyone any favors. Furthermore, don’t buy the myth that men only like long hair. Plenty of guys prefer a breezy cropped style to a fussy, overstyled mane.

Enjoy Time Spent Elsewhere

Less time spent on hair means more time spent elsewhere. Maybe you’ll get a few extra minutes every morning to work on a personal project or to really savor a cup of coffee; or, instead of leaving the house with your long hair half-dry or pulled back in yet another drab ponytail, you can spend the same amount of time creating a polished, professional style.

Brave & Beautiful

Short hair opens up creativity. When your go-to styles are no longer possible, you get to try on looks you might never have considered before. So take a deep breath and cancel the appointment for those extensions. It’s time for a brave and beautiful new you!

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