Julian Melahn is a 25-year-old resident of Denville and a new officer with the Denville Police Department

New Denville Police Officer Julian Melahn has wanted to be a policeman since his early childhood. He’s worked hard to put himself through the Alternate Route Program until The Denville Police Department selected him halfway through the Academy.

His efforts in the Academy made his law enforcement employment more marketable to any department.

But he really wanted to be a policeman in Denville all along.

Julian grew up in Denville and remembers talking with his D.A.R.E. officer at Lakeview Elementary School, and his SRO (Senior Resource Officer) at Morris Knolls High School. He graduated with a degree in communications from Kean University, where he also played football.

Officer Melahn graduated from the Junior Police Academy in 2005, under former Chief Anthony P. Strungis III, LT Christopher Wagner, then-Detective Frank Perna, and Officer Brian Donnelly.

Julian joined the force part-time in May 2018 as a dispatcher and describes his work as a dispatcher as “hectic” because of having to juggle so many responsibilities simultaneously. He says, “It was quite an eye-opening learning experience. I had to be in charge of monitoring 3 to 4 officers on patrol, 911, the main police desk phone line, as well as radio for dispatch, Fire, and First Aid. It was an invaluable learning experience.”

He was formally sworn in as a full member of the Denville Police Department in April of 2019. Currently, in his training program as a Field Training Officer, he divides his time between driving the squad car and riding along with his Training Officer, John Bortak.

“I’m obviously very familiar with the layout of Denville, and it is great being able to provide safety for our schools, our streets, and our community. I am lucky, honored and privileged to be able to achieve my lifelong dream of being a policeman in my great hometown of Denville. ”

“Having known the Denville Police Department for almost 15 years has helped a lot. Knowing Chief (Frank) Perna from when he was a Detective, through Lieutenant, then Captain, and now Chief has been fortunate for me. I’ve learned a lot from him. And also from Captain Jeffrey Tucker.”

Julian would like to continue to work hard and advance in his law enforcement career and progress through the ranks as far as possible. He would like to be on the downtown center walking patrol, to interact more with the public, and also become involved again with the Junior Police Academy.

“It’s an excellent program, and a great way for kids to get involved,” he says.

In his short time on duty as a patrolman, Julian has become keenly aware of the recent car thefts that have taken place all over town.

To all residents of Denville, Julian’s message is, “Take your keys out of your car, and lock your doors.”

He adds, “Also, please be more careful when driving through town, and be mindful of children downtown, even more so during the summer months. Have fun, but please also abide by the law.”

“I am lucky, honored and privileged to be able to achieve my lifelong dream of being a policeman in my great hometown of Denville”

Find out more about the Junior Police Academy online: