We’ve all been there. The hours of practice seem to be getting you nowhere, and your confidence is slowly draining away. It can be a battle when things aren’t going according to plan, so what should you do to keep motivated and cast away the self-doubt? There are a few things that can help you on your way, so here are five tips that will make your journey towards becoming the next David Gilmour smoother than a Bryan Hughes solo.

Remember, you genuinely can play guitar

Honestly, you can. To have reached the point of self-doubt, you have inevitably spent a while playing, so there will at least be a few chords you can fall back on. Pick up the guitar and play whatever you feel comfortable playing, and, take the time to listen to yourself (record it and play it back if you can). Can you hear how what you play sounds like real music? You have learned how to do that!

You’ve struggled before, and you’ll struggle again.

While it can be easy to think you will never get past your current problem, just switch your brain back to something you have grappled with before. See how easy it seems now? That’s how your current woes will feel in a few weeks time! Virtually anything new on the guitar will lead to a bit of a struggle, but you’ve proven in the past that with a bit of perseverance you can work it out.

Is your practice letting you down?

It is incredibly easy to let your practice stagnate, leaving you to do the same thing over and over again without any real benefit. If you find that you don’t seem to be progressing, or you are finding your practice a little dull, then it’s worth checking out some new routines. The internet is full of ideas for aspiring guitarists, so go online find something new and see if it gives you the lift you need. A new approach may just be the key to overcoming your problem.

Change your strings and set up your guitar

There is nothing that will make you want to play guitar more than not being able to, so, get out the pliers and get to work. Whether it is your subconscious telling you that it was just the guitar’s fault all along, or if it’s the excitement of having new strings, who cares? It’s amazing how often setting up your guitar can reinvigorate you and make you overcome the seemingly impossible hurdle you are facing.

Listen to music you enjoy

If nothing works, just take a break. Sometimes a few hours, or even a few days, away from playing can be what your brain needs to reset. Listen to your favorite tracks and remind yourself why you ever began playing guitar. There is nothing to reignite your love of music more than listening to the songs you adore.


So, there you go! A quick-fire list to help you beat the guitarist’s blues. We all go through it from time to time, but the key to becoming a better musician is to stick with it and battle through the bad times. Learning an instrument is surely one of the most rewarding experiences a lot of us will do, and it isn’t worth giving up over a bit of self-doubt. So, grab your axe, turn the amp up to 11, and let it rip!