There are many great museums to visit during a trip to Northern Ireland ñ all of which combined cover a wide assortment of themes. For those of you who love history and want to take a closer look at Irelandís historic past, the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum could be just what you are looking for.

Located northeast to the city of Belfast, the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is truly like a step back in time. First opened to the public in 1964, on the former estate of Sir Robert Kennedy, the museum is situated on over 170 acres of beautiful countryside.

Like most museums, the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum has an extensive collection of historic artifacts. What sets this museum apart from the other heritage sites, however, is that it not only looks at historical day-to-day life, it also provides a fascinating glimpse into the transportation technology of Irelandís past.

On the Folk Museum side of things, youíll be able to see several cottages, farms, schools and shops, while experiencing a bit of what life was like 100 years ago. The beautiful parklands surrounding the Folk Museum come complete with costumed visitor guides who demonstrate traditional crafting methods.

From there, you can enjoy the majestic sights of the Transport Museum where you are free to climb on and off of steam locomotives. The museum boasts the largest transport collection in Ireland, with such attractions as electric trams, fire-engines, horse drawn carriages, motorbikes, and vintage Irish-build motor cars, like the DeLorean seen in hit motion picture, Back to the Future.

So, if you happen to be a history or transportation buff and are planning a trip to Northern Ireland, be sure to stop by the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. With so many things to see and capture your imagination, you wonít be disappointed.